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Summer is coming to an end and you may be contemplating how to spruce up the outside to get your yard ready for fall. As you sit on your porch looking out at your grass you notice patchy brown spots. It almost looks like your lawn is begging for a drink of water. You may be thinking to yourself… “What happened?”

Stay away from DIY aeration!

Signs that Your Lawn Needs Aeration

Knowing that something isn’t quite right with your yard is the first step towards repairing your lawn. A few telltale signs of when you should consider lawn aeration are:

  •       Puddling after rain
  •       Soil is heavy and clay-like
  •       Patchy, bare or brown spots / fungus issues
  •       Thick thatch (more than half an inch)

Lawn Aeration is the process of removing soil plugs in your yard to allow water and nutrients from the air to more easily enter your grasses root system, facilitating deeper growth. Lawn aeration works by breaking up soil compaction providing passages for air and water to enter your soil allowing your lawn to breathe (and feed) with a lot less trouble.

Reasons to Avoid DIY Lawn Aeration

Renting a lawn core aerator has definitely crossed your mind. Why not rent the machine and tackle this project yourself? After all, how hard could it be? Lawn core aerators are very bulky and awkward machines, making them extremely difficult to transport and maneuver. Plus, you may have to consider renting a truck for a day as these rental aerators don’t exactly fit comfortably in your family vehicle.

Here at Lawn Pride, our quality, commercial grade aerators ensure that the job gets done right. Our representatives are trained to handle these machines so you don’t have to. Our commercial aerators also guarantee every single hole is dug deep and they are consistent across your whole yard.

At Lawn Pride, we have invested in the very best equipment and we know the exact time of year and the exact environmental conditions your lawn will benefit the most from aeration. The optimal time to aerate is during your grasses peak growing season.  When done at the precise time, with the proper equipment, and handled by a professional who knows lawns inside and out, your yard will be the thicker, healthier and more beautiful yard you have hoped for.

Plus, our representatives always have a few tricks up their sleeves that you may not contemplate when doing a DIY lawn project. Considerations such as avoiding damage to irrigation systems and working during moist conditions are just a few thoughts we have when aerating your lawn. More importantly, we recommend taking full advantage of overseeding immediately after aeration. Overseeding after aeration will more effectively fill in bare spots and help thicken your lawn.  A thick lawn is the best defense against weeds.

Leave it to the Pros

Here at Lawn Pride, we understand that no one yard is the same and we carefully and intently recognize your yard’s specific needs. Contact us today to talk with a representative about any concerns present in your lawn and what we can do to help address them. And remember, aeration is the single best thing you can do for your lawn– but, leave it to the pros!

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