Lawn Pride Blog

Rohit S.

I bought the house last year and using Lawn pride’s services since then. The lawn is healthy and in good shape. The best part is their excellent customer service.

Timothy S.

Excellent company!! They are not afraid to spend extra time to make your lawn the best in your neighborhood.

Donna C.

I have had LAWN PRIDE for a few years and my lawn looks better than all my neighbors. They do an excellent job of keeping my yard looking great.

Andrew I.

I switched to Lawn Pride and my yard became a lush green color. They have great customer service and a superior product compared to other lawn companies.

Angie K.

Just wanted to say our lawn is beautiful and it seems our other landscaping and trees are benefiting as well. Thank you!

Derek T.

I was very impressed with the service they provided. I noticed a tremendous improvement in the look of my yard. My neighbor even complemented that I had the best yard in the neighborhood.
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