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Lawn Watering Tips for Central Indiana No ratings yet.

Lawn Watering Tips for Central IndianaNo ratings yet.

Know how much to Water your Lawn in Indianapolis Your lawn needs water to thrive and survive. However, too little or too much water can harm your grass. So, how do you find the right balance? The experts at Lawn Pride are here to help you. When to Water Keeping an eye...
Grubs 101 for Indianapolis Lawns No ratings yet.

Grubs 101 for Indianapolis LawnsNo ratings yet.

How to Get Rid of Grubs Grubs are the larvae of various beetles, which include Japanese beetles and “June bugs.” These will often appear white, with dark red-heads and black mandibles. They’re soft and shaped like the letter “C,” with legs near their heads. The Life...
Lawn Watering Tips for Central Indiana No ratings yet.

Common Central Indiana Lawn FungusNo ratings yet.

Understanding Lawn Fungus You have been working hard all year, making sure your lawn is summer-perfect, but there is something not quite right. Your lush grass is showing brown areas, or maybe the blades are looking a little limp. These are signs that your lawn may be...