Is there anything good about mosquitoes? There’s a lot to love about summertime, but these pesky little buggers aren’t one of them. Not only are mosquitoes annoying … they can be dangerous, too, transmitting nasty viruses like Zika, West Nile, and more.

We polled the team at Lawn Pride in Indianapolis, and here are our top three ways to fight and prevent mosquitoes and their nasty bites – and one common thing you should never do.

Prevent Mosquitoes in Your Lawn

Light Colors

Mosquitoes aren’t dive bombers. Instead, they fly close to the ground in search of their next blood meal. They also rely on eyesight to locate prey, so wearing dark or bright colors that contrast with the horizon invites bites. Instead, opt for whites and lighter, softer colors that blend in more with the sun, sky, and clouds. It’s a simple trick that might just save your skin.

Wind is Your Friend

Ever wonder why you don’t get chewed up by mosquitoes when you’re out on the lake? Biting flies are another story, but the slightest gust of wind is usually enough to defeat even the most determined mosquito. When you’re back on solid ground or say, your deck or patio, a couple well-placed fans can be surprisingly effective. Ceiling fans are great, but if you use floor fans be sure to aim them at a slightly downward angle because that’s where mosquitoes prefer to fly.

Say No to Citronella and DEET!

The citronella industry probably doesn’t want you to know this, but their famous product just doesn’t work that well. While citronella is a known insect repellant, it dissipates quickly in the air and doesn’t provide an effective barrier at all from bugs. Even if you surround yourself with candles, coils, and tiki torches, mosquitoes will find a way through … just like they always seem to do when you miss that tiny spot on your skin with bug spray.

On the other hand, DEET is also not the best choice for repellent. While DEET is known as one of the best defenses against hungry mosquitoes, this harsh chemical can cause adverse and allergic reactions such as rashy or blotchy skin. While studies have shown that products with 20-30% of deet can be OK, it’s best not to challenge the risk of infection and exposure to dangerous, unnatural chemicals.

A piece of advice – instead of spending big bucks on citronella products or exposing yourself to harsh DEET, save money and stay safe with natural mosquito-repelling house plants like basil, rosemary, lavender, peppermint, catnip, and lemon balm, to name a few. Or better yet…

Try Our Personal Favorite!

At Lawn Pride, we have a secret weapon that works wonders for your yard and your family, and it doesn’t require DEET, citronella, or any gimmick. Instead, we apply a gentle mist across your entire lawn and landscape that targets adult mosquitoes (the ones that bite and spread disease). This formula also doesn’t affect beneficial bugs in your yard.

Just one application is often enough to see results, but our customers report even greater benefits with multiple applications throughout these warm summer months when mosquitoes are at their worst.

Interested? Right now, we’re offering an exclusive coupon for new Lawn Pride customers. Purchase our five-application package and receive $125 off!

Mosquitoes might be impossible to fully eliminate, but with these handy tips and a few targeted sprays of Lawn Pride’s proven mosquito treatment, you’ll be sure to spend a lot more time enjoying your time outside instead of scratching this summer.