The sun’s out, the weather is warm and our days are getting longer. Yes, Central Indiana, summer has finally made its way back to us! Regrettably, there is another not-so-enjoyable season that comes each year around the same time…Mosquito season. Even though our mosquito season officially begins in April, it’s peak time is NOW, and because we are seeing more mosquitoes, there’s no better time to learn why you should protect yourself against these flying, buzzing, blood-sucking pests.

Reason #1: Transmitted Diseases

The first and arguably most important reason for mosquito protection is to defend yourself against diseases such as malaria, zika, yellow fever, dengue and chikungunya. These diseases are carried by mosquitoes and  kill more people than any other living species here on earth. According to Gates Notes, that’s over 700,000 people in any given year – making mosquitoes the deadliest animal on planet earth! 

Unfortunately for us in Central Indiana, our warm and wet summers provide the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes to spread diseases easily and quickly, making it absolutely crucial to protect ourselves and loved ones during our mosquito season.

Reason #2: Endless Itching & Scratching

Our next reason, which comes in at a close second to infectious disease spreading, is the endless itching and scratching these small insects provide us. With every mosquito bite, out body signals a histamine response which causes the bitten area to itch and swell. And for some unknown reason…the more you scratch, the more these bites itch – seemingly lasting for days!  If you are one of the lucky few, your body’s reaction from mosquito bites improves over time. But for the rest of us (some say those with Type O blood) mosquitoes and their bites will forever remain an annoyance. 

Reason #3: Unwanted Party Crashers

Summer is a time for backyard BBQ’s, graduation parties, and impromptu neighborhood hangouts, but when mosquitoes are around, they can quickly turn a fun social gathering into a miserable experience for you and all your guests. So, who invited these guys to the party?

If your yard has proven to be the perfect breeding ground for these creatures, then you can bet that if you encounter one, you are sure to encounter many more. And with our wetter than normal season thus far, experts warn of the high possibility of experiencing an above average number of mosquitoes this summer. So before planning your next outdoor party, make sure you take the proper steps to prepare you and your guests.

How to Protect Yourself From Mosquitoes

There are some simple things you can do to avoid “the most dangerous AND annoying bug” to all of humankind. For one, be aware of peak exposure times and places. Most species of mosquitoes like to visit at night and just like any bug, are attracted to outside lights. These insects also breed in stagnant fresh water, so be sure to check anywhere around your home where these conditions exist, such as clogged gutters and bird baths. For more detailed mosquito tips check out our blog, Five Ways to Beat Mosquitoes This Summer.

However, if you are interested in eliminating your mosquito issue once and for all this summer, then check out Lawn Pride’s Mosquito Program! Our program is designed to control the population of adult mosquitoes in your yard with multiple applications throughout the season. Contact us today so you can start planning your next summer backyard BBQ!