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Maintaining a happy, healthy Central Indiana lawn requires more than a one-two punch from you. In fact, to ensure you have the best yard on the block, we recommend a list of to-dos. Without further ado, here are our top 10 turf tips for summer.

1) Watering

Summer weather can fluctuate but one thing is always certain – your grass needs water to survive. A good rule of thumb to remember is 1” to 1.5” inches of water per week, either from you or from Mother Nature. When manually watering, do so in the morning, which will help prevent evaporation while the sun’s at its peak.

2) Mowing

Do you like straight lines or do you start from the perimeter and work your way in? However you choose to mow your lawn, make sure you are doing it properly. From keeping your blade sharpened to adjusting for the proper grass blade height (click here to get to know the one-third rule), getting into a good mowing habit will benefit your lawn in the long run.

3) Weed Control

Repeat after us … crabgrass is NOT real grass! Sure, it’s green, but that doesn’t mean you should settle for crabgrass, clover, and other common Indiana weeds in place of actual grass. Weeds vary widely, as do the methods for treating and preventing them, so identify which types of weeds are creeping into your yard and treat accordingly.

4) Weed Eating & Edging

There is no fix-all for weeds, but weed eaters and edgers work well in a pinch to pretty up your lawn quickly … as long as you use these machines the right way. Always follow manufacturer instructions and wear the proper safety gear – pants, socks and shoes; eye and ear protection; and gloves. If you opt for manual devices such as a garden spade, be careful not to create too wide of an edge, as this can promote additional weed growth.

5) Treating Turf Fungus

You can follow our first four turf tips to a “T,” and still experience discolored, thinning, and dead patches of grass. Why? The likely culprit is a fungal infestation, commonly known as turf fungus. A lot of factors can cause turf fungus to take root, but the most common reasons include too much or too little watering, poor nutrient management, or simply cutting your grass too short.

6) Tree & Shrub Care

We spend a lot of time promoting proper lawn care, but your trees and shrubs will also appreciate your help. From feeding and fertilizing, to trimming and pruning, along with choosing the right types of vegetation for your specific lawn, if you have trees and/or shrubs on your property, don’t ignore them.

7) Flea & Tick Control

Okay, so you’ve got your lawn and garden under control. Now it’s time to deal with what’s in it. They may be hard to see, but fleas and ticks pose big problems for humans and animals. If your kids and pets like to spend a lot of time outdoors, get in the habit of checking their skin regularly. If you find a tick already embedded, use tweezers to remove and NEVER heat!

8) Mosquito Control

Ah yes, the bane of every homeowner and lawn lover’s existence. Mosquitoes pack an itchy punch and also spread disease. They’ll ruin a backyard barbeque way more than warm beer or burnt burgers. There are a host of DIY mosquito repellants, but results vary and many methods just don’t work at all. Good old bug spray is your best bet, along with covering the bare skin that mosquitoes love. However, if you don’t want to wear a snowsuit while grilling, professional companies (like Lawn Pride!) offer services that can help protect your entire yard.

9) Perimeter Pest Control

Each spring, ants, spiders, and other pests march from your yard to your home. Our pest control treatments are applied around the perimeter of your house to keep these creepy crawlers outside where they belong. Learn more about common Indiana pests to know how to prevent them.

10) Calling in the Pros

Nine different chores can seem like a lot for the average homeowner. With work, family, and other obligations, sometimes you just need a helping hand. Thankfully, there’s one important turf tip that can help you take the burden off the other nine – us! Take a look at our long list of expert lawn care services. We can help you improve the aspects of your lawn you like, while treating and preventing all the other stuff you don’t.

Summer’s almost here, so let us start helping you today!