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Because lawns need air and water to grow, pulling plugs throughout the yard will help promote optimal grass growth.

We’re talking about aeration – something professional lawn care providers swear by. We’re here to break down the whats, the whens, and the whys of aeration, and why this process is crucial for optimal turf growth and a beautiful lawn.

What is Aeration?

Like we mentioned above, aeration is the mechanical removal of soil cores, or in other words, the process of pulling plugs from the soil throughout the lawn. These holes are small – only a few inches deep – and are typically made by simply piercing the ground, or uprooting cylindrical dirt “plugs.”

What Does Aeration Actually Do?

These new holes allow fresh air, water, and nutrients to easily penetrate the surface and reach deep down into grassroots. This helps your grass grow deeper and stronger, which makes it thicker, healthier, and more resilient to natural and man-made issues.

Why is Aeration Important?

Over time, soil becomes more and more compact. Several variables combine to cause this extreme compaction. This can include rain and snowfall, erosion, foot traffic, root growth, the natural breakdown of leaves, grass clippings, and other vegetative debris, and so forth. A handful of compacted soil weighs more than a handful of properly aerated soil, because there is more material in the former than the latter. Likewise, it is more difficult for grassroots to penetrate packed soil, and the same goes for the oxygen, water, and nutrients needed to help that very grass grow.

REMEMBER: Don’t do it yourself!

When Should I Aerate?

It’s crucial to aerate your Central Indiana lawn in the fall. When the soil is still warm from the hot summer months, the cooler, autumn air rolls in and provides the ideal time of year for turf growth. Combining fall aeration with overseeding promotes ideal growing conditions and helps your lawn enjoy a healthy hibernation throughout the winter months.

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