Show your trees and shrubs some love.

Tree & shrub treatment tailored to Indiana lawns

Tree and Shrub

The health of many Indiana plants can be greatly affected by weather, insects and diseases. Our Tree and Shrub program has been designed for plant material used throughout Indiana. Care has been taken to select only the most effective and safe products. Rather than using a “shotgun” approach with all available applications/treatments, we prefer to evaluate each landscape and recommend which applications will best benefit you.

Please keep in mind that the summary for our tree and shrub services (dormant oil treatment, root fertilization, insect and disease control and plant fertilization) is a brief outline of what each application is designed around. Program changes can be made to ensure that we meet the demands of what is happening in the field to our landscapes.

We welcome the opportunity to review your landscape and show you how the Lawn Pride Tree and Shrub Program can benefit your landscape. Please contact usĀ anytime for a free tree and shrub analysis.