Tree and Shrub Program

Branch out with our tree & shrub program

We know Indiana and we tailor our applications accordingly. After a review of your landscape, we deliver the best applications to protect your plants against weather, insects, and disease.

Multiple Applications Mean Flawless Trees & Shrubs

Dormant Oil Treatment
  • Applied in the spring and fall to kill winter insects on the surface and bark. This treatment can also help certain types of trees and shrubs with scale.
Root Fertilization
  • Every spring and fall, fertilizer is injected 6’’ into the roots on the drip line (how far the branches come out from the tree).
Insect & Disease Control
  • We will determine the perfect time (usually between spring-fall) to spray your landscape to protect from insect damage and some diseases.

For the best overall results, sign up for a full 7-Application Lawn Care Program. A Tree & Shrub application, paired with other vital services and treatments, will keep your lawn green and healthy through every season. 

Tree & Shrub Program, Tree and Shrub Program, Lawn Pride
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