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Let Lawn Pride Protect Your Home Against Pests

Lawn Pride is a local specialist in comprehensive lawn care solutions for homeowners, including fertilization and lawn pest control service. As a perimeter pest control company, we apply our commitment to exceptional service quality to keep creepy crawly invaders out of your home. Perimeter pests live around your home's perimeter, hanging around your home's exterior and indoor spaces quickly if you don't take care of them properly. Every spring, your home risks insects marching into it, such as spiders, earwigs, ants, roly-polies, and millipedes. Fortunately, our perimeter pest control service involves treatments we apply around your home to keep these pesky species outside where they belong. We may change your application schedule because our experience and expertise give us insight into the area's weather and seasons. We use this information to determine your application's timing for the best results.

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Season-Long Pest Control With Multiple Applications

Creating a barrier around your home's foundation safeguards your interior against insects crawling in and making it their new home. Lawn Pride eliminates and controls these perimeter pests by taking a different approach. Our pest control treatments effectively repel various insects and prevent home infiltration. While you can keep bugs at bay for a short time with one application, we conclusively solve the issue for an entire season with multiple applications. By targeting our pest control for lawns to match your home's unique needs, our service professionals successfully block pests from getting in with timely work that works as soon as we finish our job. We recommend scheduling our five-treatment Perimeter Pest Program to completely control outdoor bugs and insects like ants, spiders, and millipedes.


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Your Best Defense Is Understanding Pest Control

Just like you, insects like moving into a nice home for reasons like finding food, water, and shelter. If your house provides these resources, earwigs, spiders, and other creepy crawlers will move from your lawn into your kitchen, basement, and other spaces. You can find many species trying to get inside homes, such as millipedes, pillbugs, silverfish, and house centipedes. The pest type entering your home may depend on the time of year, and some of these pests can cause more problems than others. It might seem impossible to protect your indoor spaces against bugs all the time, but we can recommend some essential steps to take to reduce your risk of an insect invasion:

Seal Up Cracks & Openings

If your home has tiny cracks, these openings are inviting for bugs. We advise you to inspect your windows, screens, and doors to identify and seal cracks and holes. You can keep out cold drafts and pesky bugs by adding weather stripping to your exterior doorways.

Clean Up Your Kitchen

Lawn Pride understands that while you may roam the kitchen for a snack at all hours, bugs do the same thing. Different insects go for various foods, including baking mixes, flour, cereals, dried fruits, nuts, dried pasta, crackers, popcorn, and spices. While ants are attracted to sweet foods, flour beetles go after flour, chocolate, nuts, dried fruit, cake mixes, spices, and a broad range of other options. You should store your food in tightly sealed containers or purchase small packages to use in a shorter time. Another essential step is keeping your kitchen counters free of spilled food or drinks. Some bugs will eat your pet's food as well.

Dry Up Damp Areas

Bugs look for water just as much as they look for food. Many pests invading homes, such as house centipedes and silverfish, are attracted to damp places. You can prevent infestations by fixing leaky pipes, drains, or faucets and ensuring your dishwasher, clothes washer, clothes dryer, and air conditioner work properly. Finally, you can run a dehumidifier if your home has areas that are always damp, such as your basement.

Sweep & Clean Regularly

Good housekeeping is one of the most effective ways to keep bugs out of your home. Simple tasks like weekly vacuuming and emptying your trash cans are highly effective at deterring insects. You can also eliminate drain flies by cleaning your sink and tub drains using a drain cleaner.

Keep Your Home Exterior Free of Debris

Bug trying to move into a home often use piles of yard waste and wood stacks as hiding places. You should keep wood stacks as far away from your home as possible and check for bugs or eggs sacks whenever you pick up wood to bring in and burn in your fireplace. Lawn Pride also recommends removing plant debris and weeds from your landscape beds because these spots can harbor pests. Staying on top of plant pruning to prevent crowding around your home's foundation also eliminates opportunities for insects. We also offer weed control and other lawn care solutions to help you prevent problems like infestations.

Avoid Future Infestations by Eliminating Current Bugs

If bugs are already in your home, Lawn Pride offers lawn pest control service to significantly reduce your risk of an infestation. However, you must eliminate the bugs already in your house to prevent a small bug problem from growing into an overwhelming issue. You can easily squash spiders with a shoe, but ants and other bugs find food sources and bring the food back to their colonies. Bait works well to eliminate these insects, but you should be careful using bait if you have pets or small children. We advise you to keep bait out of reach for kids and pets. The simple steps listed on this page, combined with our Perimeter Pest Control Program, will effectively keep pests out of your home. Contact us today to request an estimate and schedule lawn pest control.


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Answering Homeowner's Frequent Questions

Lawn Pride covers your lawn care needs with comprehensive solutions to fertilization, insects, diseases, and essential information about maintenance. You can contact us to learn more about pest control, and we'll start the conversation by answering a few common questions:

What Attracts Insects to Enter My Home?

Food, shelter, and water are the staple concerns pests have when looking for a home. If you leave food out, don't clean up stains or spills, or have an area in your home with high moisture or collecting water, these factors can attract bug infestations.

Is One Bug in My Home a Big Deal?

One bug isn't immediately a big deal, but it can be a sign your home has cracks or holes letting them in. Furthermore, if invading insects find food or water sources or a suitable nesting area, you could face an infestation if you don't eliminate the current bugs, the elements attracting them, and any openings in your home.

What Time of Year Do Insects Move Into Homes?

Insects can invade your home virtually any time of year. You'll commonly see certain bugs trying to get in during the spring or summer months, while other pests will attempt an invasion in fall or early winter when the weather gets colder. The type of pest to worry about depends on factors like your cleanliness, any food or water sources, and your climate.

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