Vole Pest Control

Professional Solutions for Ground-Dwelling Rodents

Property owners trust Lawn Pride for various lawn care services because of our in-depth knowledge and impressive work quality. We have solutions for a broad range of yard concerns, including weeds, pests, moles, and voles. Voles are pesky rodents that can destroy your lawn by burrowing and digging through your soil in search of food. As these animals seek out roots to eat, they create shallow runways and burrows throughout your property. Voles can also carry infectious diseases and parasites, potentially spreading them to pets and people. Our expert service professionals offer a Vole Control Application to take care of voles and get them out of your yard. Our vole application involves mapping this invasive species' burrows and runways to ensure we place bait as accurately as possible and achieve the best results.

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Protecting Your Vole Application With a Guarantee

When investing in any lawn service or pest removal, you need assurance the process will be effective and live up to your trust and payment. Fortunately, Lawn Pride pairs our vole application with a guarantee. We promise to remove voles from your property within 30 days following an application. If voles are still active 30 days after we perform your application, our service professionals will treat your yard to get rid of voles again without charging you.



Understanding Voles & What They Look Like

Many people don't know the difference between moles and voles and often confuse one for the other. Lawn Pride can help you sort out your infestation by identifying the animal, but there are ways you can spot them as well. One clear difference between moles and voles is their diet. Moles are meat-eaters or insectivores, and their food is primarily insects, earthworms, and grubs. Voles are vegetarians or herbivores, dining mainly on grass leaves and stems but also fruits and other green vegetation. Below are a few essential descriptions of voles to help you understand this invasive animal better:

  • Voles look similar to field mice, except they have compact heavy bodies, partially hidden ears, small eyes, and short tails. These creatures are five to eight inches in length with orange teeth designed to gnaw plant stems and roots. These opportunistic rodents dig golf ball-sized holes and use established mole tunnels to get around your yard. A beautiful plant can be lifeless in a few days because a vole gnaws off its roots.
  • Dawn and dusk are when voles are most active, and they build well-defined surface runways in your property's turf areas. These surface runways often look like you left a garden hose lying on your grass for several days. People report turf damage from voles the most during the spring, but they don't hibernate and are active year-round.
  • Voles live in colonies, with females producing five to ten litters every year. Each litter averages five young voles every time, and new females can start reproducing when they're one month old. Failing to treat your yard can lead to an infestation very quickly, resulting in disastrous vole damage to your lawn.


Vole vs. Mole comparison chart


Lawn Pride Covers Vole Control in Local Lawns

Lawn Pride's service professionals have ample knowledge and training in every service we offer. With vole control, we work quickly and carefully to rid your lawn of burrowing infestations while making service as convenient as possible by working with your schedule to arrange visits and applications. We understand every property owner deserves high-quality lawn care solutions and commit ourselves to provide conclusive solutions to vole pest control. We invite you to contact us to request an estimate and schedule service at your property.


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Answers to Frequent Questions About Vole Control

Many property owners have questions about vole control, signs of voles in their yards, and how to get rid of voles. Lawn Pride gladly provides various lawn care services, such as lawn fertilization, mole control, and perimeter pest control. Vole pest control is a service you should leave to professionals, and we'll start giving you peace of mind by answering a couple of common questions. You can reach out to us with any other questions or if you need further information about the ones below:

Do Voles Only Live Underground?

You'll find voles building their nests underground and above ground in clumps of debris or grass. To control vole infestations, you need to eliminate places voles prefer to nest. These creatures like to stay hidden most of the time and only venture out onto your lawn during the winter since the snow hides them. Voles retreat to weedy, grassy areas or landscaping beds after the snow melts. They seek out a place with plenty of cover to keep predators from spotting them.

How Can I Reduce My Chance of a Vole Infestation?

Healthy lawn maintenance is one of the best ways to avoid voles moving into your lawn after we evict them from it. You can make your property less inviting by eliminating hiding places with regular grass mowing and removing dense ground cover, including weeds. Dead grass, leaves, and other debris on your lawn or landscaping can attract voles, so we recommend keeping your property free of debris.

How Much Does This Service Cost?

The exact cost of any Vole control service is contingent on various factors, including your lawn and vole infestation. Lawn Pride will gladly provide an estimate upon request based on your unique details to ensure its accurate.

*This service is not available in all areas