Effective Mole Control Services

Keep Your Property Free of Moles With Lawn Pride

When it comes to lawn care, Lawn Pride® has seen it all. From pesky voles to elusive moles, our experienced team knows how to remove underground nuisances that undermine the look of your lawn. With proven techniques and eco-friendly solutions, we ensure your lawn remains pristine and mole-free. Say goodbye to unsightly tunnels and damaged grass roots. Trust your local Lawn Pride team for comprehensive mole control services that deliver results you can count on.

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Large Mole Holes in Lawn.

Benefits of Professional Mole Control vs DIY

When it comes to handling mole infestations, you need professional mole removal services that get results. Our team has the specialized knowledge required to identify mole behavior patterns, which means we can eradicate your mole problem quickly, saving you time, stress, and frustration.

Our proven techniques employ trapping methods that are environmentally friendly and target moles while minimizing disruption to your lawn.

Lawn Pride’s lawn treatment for moles takes a proactive approach to safeguard your lawn against reinfestation. This includes ongoing monitoring and maintenance to prevent future mole problems.

Count on your local Lawn Pride team for mole service solutions that work every time.

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Why Choose Our Mole Control Service?

Once moles invade your yard, they can cause significant damage to your lawn and plants. Prompt action from an experienced mole removal service professional is essential to prevent further damage and keep your lawn and plants healthy and thriving.

As a Neighborly company, each service we provide is backed by our Neighborly Done Right Promise™, which means we get the job done right the first time.

Start Today and Save Up To 75% on Lawn Care Service!


Our Mole Control Method*

Some lawn services provide mole extermination. We  take a humane, non-lethal approach to mole control. We take time to map out the mole’s runways and strategically place bait where they’ll be tempted to eat. This bait agitates but doesn’t kill the moles. Instead, the irritated moles will typically leave your yard to find a more hospitable place to live.

A healthy lawn is a mole-free lawn. After we evict these pests, you can make your property less inviting by eliminating hiding places. Regular mowing and the removal of ground cover such as weeds, leaves, and dead grass can do wonders for mole prevention. By keeping your property free of debris, you minimize the odds of more moles moving onto your property.

Mole Hills On Lawn with Mole Inside Hole

Get Rid of Destructive Moles for a Healthy Lawn

Ready to reclaim your lawn from destructive moles? Say goodbye to unsightly tunnels and damaged roots with our professional mole control services. Your local lawn Pride team effectively roots out moles while safeguarding the health of your lawn.*

Don't let mole infestations compromise the beauty of your outdoor space any longer. Contact us today to schedule your mole control service* and take the first step towards a lush, healthy, mole-free lawn. Get a free estimate now!

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FAQ About Mole Control Services

Many property owners have questions about Lawn Pride’s services when they have pest infestations in their lawns. We’ll gladly answer all your questions before scheduling service and during our visit to your home. Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about our mole removal service. You can always contact us if you have more questions:

How do I know if I have a mole problem?

Signs of a mole infestation include mounds of soil shaped like volcanoes, raised soil ridges about four inches wide and one inch high, and soft areas around your lawn that collapse if you step on them. They deposit the soil from their deep tunnels through short vertical tunnels to the surface, creating volcano-like mounds. When you see any signs of an infestation, Lawn Pride can help you with our lawn treatment for moles.

How can moles damage my lawn?

Moles can extend surface runways up to 100 feet each day and cause mole lawn damage at an astounding rate, making it imperative to get rid of moles in your lawn. These creatures may use surface runs daily or revisit them irregularly. A mole’s surface runways connect underground to deep runways, letting them travel between their nest and surface runways easily. This damages lawn roots and could also result in damage to underground irrigation systems.

How much does local mole control cost?

Every lawn is unique, including its mole problems. The exact cost of mole removal services depend on the mole’s habitat, food sources, and other factors. We recommend getting an estimate based on your specific situation and needs.

What can I expect with your mole control?

With every service, you can expect Lawn Pride’s service professionals to be friendly and professional, providing you with valuable information and conclusive solutions for all your lawn care needs. We keep mole control as convenient as possible by working with your schedule. Finally, you can expect moles to leave your property because we successfully make it a less hospitable place for them to live.

*This service is not available in all areas. Please check with your local Lawn Pride location for more details.