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Imagine your good boy romping joyfully on an emerald-green lawn. It doesn’t have to be just a dream. We’ll explain how to choose dog-friendly grass seeds that grow to be more tolerant of pet activity and the pet-friendly lawn care that keeps it looking great. Designing and maintaining pet-...Continue Reading

Even the healthiest, most well-tended lawn can become a bit lackluster over time due to thatch buildup and age. Add pet damage, foot traffic, grubs, or other lawn pests, and the grass can become thin and patchy.Continue Reading

Any lawn is host to millions of microorganisms essential to its health and growth, many of which are different varieties of lawn fungus and are highly beneficial. Some grass fungus types even protect your lawn from disease by attacking pathogens, while others out-compete them for resources....Continue Reading

Spring is in the air. It is a time of renewal and that goes for lawns as well. Timely fertilization treatments in the spring will start your lawn off right and give your lawn the jumpstart it needs.Continue Reading

As Spring approaches, homeowners in Central Indiana are starting to decide the best way to care for their lawn. Homeowners new to lawn care often have many questions. For example...Continue Reading

Turfgrass is best recognized for the way it beautifies our communities. But more importantly, with the ever-growing concrete jungles, turfgrass has become an essential part of our environment's health. When properly applied, lawn fertilizer can positively affect the...Continue Reading

When you were house hunting, the front lawn was the first thing you saw every time you drove up to a house. Now that you have finally moved into your new home, you want to keep up that curb appeal. However, figuring out how to maintain and care for your new lawn can...Continue Reading

Most homeowners don't think about winterizing their lawn until late fall. But in reality, preparing your lawn for winter is a process that takes time. In central Indiana, preparing your lawn for winter starts as early as mid-August with the recovery process and can last...Continue Reading

We've all seen the damage beetles can do to our plants and trees. But, not everyone knows just how damaging their larvae can be to a lawn.  As the old saying goes, " the best defense is a good offense." You need to protect your lawn from...Continue Reading

When it comes to your home and outdoor living space, one of the constant battles Hoosiers and Indianapolis homeowners have to deal with is unwanted pests invading your home.

There are tons of tricks, gadgets, and remedies found on the...Continue Reading