Blogs in November 2014

The entire staff here at Lawn Pride would like to thank all of our customers. This year provided a mild summer and lawns have never looked so good. We hope you feel the same about your lawn.  Here's a summary of what your lawn received this year. If you were a full program customer and received at...Continue Reading
It feels like winter has arrived in Indianapolis. Temps have dropped into the 30's and the grass has stopped growing. Sure signs that winter is here. So what does this mean to you? Well, first of all it means you get a much-deserved break from lawn duty...but not until this weekend. Take this...Continue Reading
It's the first week of November and lawns are still growing. The temps are just high enough to keep the grass from falling into dormancy. And because lawns are still growing, they are still hungry...and that means they need food. Our last application of our "regular programs" typically falls in...Continue Reading