Blogs in June 2018

Several helpful lawn care tips can help you achieve the lawn of your dreams. Each tip is essential to achieving a healthy lawn that can resist weather extremes, fungus, and pests. One of the most crucial is the grass-cutting one-third rule...Continue Reading

Did you go to summer camps back when you were a kid? We sure did, and we had a blast! If you want your children to have that same sort of fun (and get you a little bit of peace and quiet, too), check out this list of summer camps right here in Central Indiana....Continue Reading

Got grubs in your lawn? Here are five fast facts from your local lawn pros to help protect your lawn from damage.

Fact #1 - Appearance: you need to know how to spot them...Continue Reading

We love a lot of things about summertime in Central Indiana. Mosquitoes are definitely not one of them. However, the local pros at Lawn Pride have five surefire ways to enjoy an itch-free summer in your own backyard.

#1 - Topical Repellents (Sprays,...Continue Reading