Five Ways to Beat Mosquitoes This Summer

We love a lot of things about summertime in Central Indiana. Mosquitoes are definitely not one of them. However, the local pros at Lawn Pride have five surefire ways to enjoy an itch-free summer in your own backyard.

#1 - Topical Repellents (Sprays, Lotions, etc.)

When it comes to bug spray, it’s tough to beat DEET as societal competition. Unfortunately, these types of products dissipate quickly in the air and do not provide an effective barrier from all bugs. To stay away from DEET, look for bug repellents that contain picaridin, a plant-based synthetic compound that’s a bit more sensitive to skin. Additionally, oil of lemon eucalyptus - or OLE for short - has been shown to work well against mosquitoes.

#2 - Electronic Gizmos

We’re definitely in the digital age, and that’s true for mosquito repellents, too. Thermacell makes a variety of tabletop and handheld devices that rely on batteries or butane to heat a chemical wafer, emitting an odor the bugs hate. We’ve had some luck with these and similar devices, but their ranges are limited. They are better suited for a patio table or campsite when wind is negligible. Those bright electric lights that give off the unmistakable “ZAP!” sound when an unlucky bug gets too close also work well. Problem is, they work too well, and kill all sorts of other beneficial insects without prejudice.

#3 - Fire It Up!

Some of the lowest tech ways to keep mosquitoes at bay are also the most popular. But do they actually work? Tiki torches, candles, good old fashioned bonfires– chances are you’ve tried them all. Fire and smoke products have shown to be somewhat effective, but they too are limited in range, and even the lightest gust can render them totally ineffective. The same goes with bonfires (where legal), chimineas, and fire pits. With that said though, they look nice and can definitely add to the cozy ambience of an outdoor evening, so we say keep using them - just remember your basic fire safety!

#4 - Apparel

Sure, you might be a bit more warm, but one of the simplest and most effective ways at preventing mosquito bites is the clothing you choose to wear. Long sleeved shirts, pants instead of shorts, socks and closed-toe shoes, and hats work wonders at repelling mosquitoes. Why? Because they shield your skin and create barriers between those nasty little buggers. Combine these apparel choices with a quality spray and you’ll be nearly bug proof, albeit probably a bit sweaty. Another note: mosquitoes attract to dark or bright colors, so we recommend wearing whites, or lighter and softer colors that may blend in with the sun, sky, or clouds.

#5 - Lawn Pride!

If you’re reading this blog post, the easiest, most hassle-free mosquito repellent is just one more click away. We have it! Ask us about our guaranteed mosquito control program. Our scientifically proven process kills and controls adult mosquitoes without harming any of the beneficial bugs in your yard. Applications are easy and you don’t have to do a thing, and multiple applications are even more effective. Ready to learn more? Contact us for more info so you can stop itching, and start enjoying summer! Do you know any other effective ways to keep the mosquitoes away? Let us know by tagging @LawnPride on social media, or visiting our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages!