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We've all seen the damage beetles can do to our plants and trees. But, not everyone knows just how damaging their larvae can be to a lawn.  As the old saying goes, " the best defense is a good offense." You need to protect your lawn from...Continue Reading

Got grubs in your lawn? Here are five fast facts from your local lawn pros to help protect your lawn from damage.

Fact #1 - Appearance: you need to know how to spot them...Continue Reading

Have you seen Japanese beetles around the yard? They’re easy to spot with their shiny copper bodies and bright green heads. If you’ve found one or more of these little buggers, you can bet their larvae is in your yard, too. And those grubs can do...Continue Reading

New Year’s resolutions are top of mind come January 1st each year. While you may have high aspirations in the health and fitness department, don’t forget to set goals for your home, too. We make it easy to set New Year’s resolutions for your lawn that you can actually stick with—and reap the...Continue Reading

Purslane – also known as Pusley, Pursley or Pigweed– is a summer annual broadleaf weed. Purslane prefers disturbed areas with rocky soils and is often found growing in waste areas, rocky...Continue Reading
"Why does my yard still have weeds?" This is the most common question asked by homeowners who treat their lawns. Unfortunately there is no simple answer. In fact the answer may vary lawn to lawn, but there are several factors that influence the growth of weeds. We'll cover those here. 1. Bare...Continue Reading