MAN vs. GRUB - What You Need to Know to Protect Your Lawn From Grub Damage

We've all seen the damage beetles can do to our plants and trees. But, not everyone knows just how damaging their larvae can be to a lawn.  As the old saying goes, " the best defense is a good offense." You need to protect your lawn from grub damage before it starts with a grub prevention application.


What are grub worms?

Grubs are the larvae of beetles, and they can ruin your lawn. June Beetles and Japanese Beetles are common in Central Indiana. After these beetles mate, the female beetle will burrow a few inches into the ground and lay their eggs. Each female beetle can lay up to 40-60 eggs. Once grub worms hatch from their egg, the grub worms will spend the next 10 months feeding on grassroots. Grubs thrive best in moist healthy soil feeding on quality pant roots.

As the grubs feed off the roots, they leave the grass unable to absorb adequate amounts of groundwater. Then, as the high temperatures and dry weather rolls in, the grass can no longer withstand the stresses this weather causes. The end result is large dead patches of grass that will roll up like a rug. Unfortunately, once the damage is done, there is little that can be done to save the damaged turf.

Why is grub protection important?

It's easier, and much less of a headache, to prevent grub damage than to have to repair grub damage. Not to mention much cheaper! Repairing grub damage requires aerating and seeding the damaged area. To have this done by a professional lawn care company with quality seed, you'd be looking at spending $130-$500 or more depending on the size of the lawn. Then you will still have to treat your lawn for the active grub. Otherwise, the grubs will eat the root of your new grass, killing the new grass before it has time to become established. Again, a professional lawn care company will charge about $90-$150 to treat an average size lawn for active grubs. In the meantime, while you're waiting for your new grass to grow, you have to deal with the eye soar the grub damage has caused.

On the other hand, protecting your lawn from grub damage by adding a simple seasonal grub preventative application will ensure your lawn is safe from the damaging effects of grubs before it starts. In addition, most grub control guarantees your money back if you get grub damage. But, the damage is already done, so what good is that? So they refund your money so you can turn around and spend it on repairing the damage and deal with the headache of it all? No thanks.

Lawn Pride's Grub Preventative Application soaks into the lawn's root system then kills the grubs as they attempt to feed. Best of all, our yearly preventative grub control application is guaranteed to prevent grub damage! However, Lawn Pride's grub control guarantee states that if you get grub damage after taking our preventative grub control program, we will not only retreat your lawn for active grubs, but we will also repair your lawn back to its previous condition at no charge to you.

How do you know if you have a grub problem?

If you think grubs are damaging your lawn, don't wait to seek help. One telltale sign of grub damage is dead patches of grass that will roll up like a rug, a.k.a. the carpet-roll method. Grubs have been known to take out entire lawns when not taken care of quickly. Unfortunately, no one can tell you if you will get grub damage. But there are a couple of signs you can look for that will tell you if you are more likely to be subject to get grub damage.

The first thing to look for is an increased amount of Beetles. If you notice a large amount of beetle activity in the spring and summer months, be aware. Your chance of grub damage will be increased. The second is an increase of critters in your yard. Grubs are a gourmet meal for raccoons, moles, birds, and rodents. So if you start finding strange holes in the lawn, be on the lookout! These critters may be looking for grubs to feast on.

You invest a lot of time and money into your lawn. Please don't wait till it's too late. Be proactive and protect your investment with a Preventative Grub Program from Lawn Pride.

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