Grubs! Save your lawn before it's too late.

Lawn Pride grub controlWhat are grubs?

Chances are you’ve heard of grubs – the white, menacing creatures that destroy your lawn from the roots up. These voracious insects are actually the larvae of Japanese beetles, and they tend to appear in late summer and feed on the roots of your lawn. So the presence of Japanese beetles in your trees and shrubs during mid-summer is a good indicator that their offspring might appear on your lawn later in the summer. You might even find grubs in mulch beds during the spring, which doesn’t mean they are in the lawn, but it does indicate that grubs are in the area.

Unfortunately, grub damage can be quite severe because they literally eat the roots of your grass and kill it as they feed. You’ll know if you have grub damage. Whole areas of the lawn will die and turn brown, and the dead grass can be pulled up like a piece of carpet. Because the grass is dead, you’ll have to plant seed and grow new grass, which is difficult to do during the summer heat.  So the best way to prevent grub damage is with a grub preventative.

Our proven grub-control application is perfectly timed to ensure that these turf-terrorizing creatures won't harm your lawn. And it’s guaranteed. If we apply our Grub Control product and you get grubs…we’ll fix the damage and apply a rescue treatment to eliminate the grubs at no cost to you. But timing is critical. We need to apply the treatment BEFORE grubs start feeding. So give us a call to get on the list!

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