Grubs: Coming to an Indianapolis-area lawn near you.

Lawn Pride can prevent grub damageAbout this time of year, we start getting calls from customers who find grubs as they are working in gardens and ornamental beds. Don’t panic. In fact, don't bother treating them on your own. Not yet anyway.  Let us explain. Even though lawn and garden centers are currently advertising products that promise season-long white grub control for home lawns, it makes no sense to apply a white grub insecticide now. These grubs are not feeding actively, nor are they in a stage where they are particularly susceptible to pesticides. These grubs will shortly pupate and emerge from the soil as adult masked chafers or Japanese beetles.

The damaging grub stage occurs in late summer after the eggs hatch, and new grubs feed aggressively on turf roots in late summer and fall. And odds are, if you had grub damage last year, there's a good chance they'll come back. So, if you have had problems in the past, wait to apply the insecticide until late June or July to control the feeding larvae. This will give you the best value in grub control for your dollar. Or, better yet, let us take care of it. Not only do we take all the guesswork out of grub control. We guarantee it works. That's right if you take our grub control treatment, we guarantee you won't get grubs. And if you do, we'll cover the damage! You can't lose.

Call us for more details. The grub control must be timed accordingly to ensure the best results.