Blogs in August 2012

With recent rain and milder temperatures lawns are beginning to bounce back. And with more rain the forecast for the weekend, many lawns should be back to their pre-drought form. That said, now is not the time to forget your lawn. As temperatures cool, lawns grow more and require proper mowing...Continue Reading
The Indianapolis Star reports that Indiana drought conditions continue to improve thanks to rain in recent weeks. Still, one-third of the state remains in severe to extreme drought conditions, but the new U.S. Drought Monitor report released  this week shows eight counties in central Indiana have...Continue Reading
Well, thanks to yesterday's round of precipitation, lawns are really starting to bounce back - some better than others. Cooler temperatures this weekend will further help lawns recover. Rainfall varied quite a bit over central Indiana, but it appears the minimum was nearly a half inch, with some...Continue Reading
The good news is that we're getting some rain. So far for August we've received just over 4 inches of precipitation, which is well above average. We're still down for the year, but this recent dose of rain is sure helping. Lawns are beginning to recover and the new product we have been applying...Continue Reading
It’s no surprise that Indianapolis-area lawns are suffering – a combination of heat and drought is really pushing grass to its limits. Some lawns barely recovered from last season when they were hammered, yet again with long, hot, dry days this year. One thing that you can do to help revitalize...Continue Reading