Recent rainfall improves conditions for central Indiana lawns.

The Indianapolis Star reports that Indiana drought conditions continue to improve thanks to rain in recent weeks. Still, one-third of the state remains in severe to extreme drought conditions, but the new U.S. Drought Monitor report released  this week shows eight counties in central Indiana have moved out of the extreme drought zones. Rains measuring 2 to 5 inches fell on the 16th and 20th, helping to improve conditions and quench dry lawns. The southwest portion of the state remains in the worst category of exceptional drought. But the overall state total in that category dropped from last week’s 16 percent to 11 percent. Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks and Madison counties lifted burn bans this week. But bans remain in effect in Marion county as do mandatory outdoor water restrictions for much of the Indianapolis area. Three quarters of the county continue to experience extreme drought conditions. Check out the graphic below for state-wide conditions. Please call us with any questions about your lawn. As lawns recover this fall we'll begin providing aeration and overseeding for those who are interested.                           Image from Indianapolis Star