Double aeration for Indianapolis lawns

The good news is that we're getting some rain. So far for August we've received just over 4 inches of precipitation, which is well above average. We're still down for the year, but this recent dose of rain is sure helping. Lawns are beginning to recover and the new product we have been applying will begin to show results, but there are a couple things that will help promote lawn recovery. First is a healthy dose of nitrogen, which we'll be applying with future applications. This will strengthen roots and promote overall health. Next is aeration, which we covered in a previous blog post. But we'd like to expand on this since our last post. We'd like to amend our  recommendation to two rounds of aeration this fall, and overseeding. As we mentioned before, aeration is the act of removing nickel-size plugs of soil from the yard so that the grass roots can expand and gain access to air, water and nutrients. We recommend doing this twice. Given the drought of this year, the grass is stressed and needs all the help it can get. So a double dose of aeration will help. Then, the resulting soil plugs then give the grass seed a nice base to grow  from. Any questions? Just call us. And if you'd like to schedule an aeration service, do the same.