Blogs in April 2012

We'll be making our second round of lawn applications over the next couple weeks. This is the first time we'll apply a herbicide to your lawn. Why now? Well, the window for weed control is when temperatures are between 50 and 80 degrees. If it’s too cold outside, the herbicide won’t be effective...Continue Reading
Need to fill in some thin spots? April is the time to reseed. This weekend promises the perfect weather and a good time to get that project off the honey-do list. Here are a few tips from our experts before you start:
  1. Rake bare areas before seeding to clear the area.
  2. Add topsoil
  3. ...Continue Reading
When it comes to their lawns, our customers are primarily concerned with two things, color and weeds. Weeds are obvious. You have them or you don’t. You have a lot or a few. It’s pretty clear. Color is a more difficult discussion, and we’ll save that for a separate post. First, lets tackle weeds...Continue Reading