Now is the time to reseed.

Need to fill in some thin spots? April is the time to reseed. This weekend promises the perfect weather and a good time to get that project off the honey-do list. Here are a few tips from our experts before you start:
  1. Rake bare areas before seeding to clear the area.
  2. Add topsoil or a topsoil/compost mix to top-dress the bare areas for better seed germination.
  3. Apply a starter fertilizer at the rate specified on the bag.
  4. Apply the seed at the rate specified on the bag, either by hand or a spreader.
  5. Gently rake the seed into the soil, so that it is covered by the soil. This improves germination.
  6. Apply straw to help hold the moisture in the soil and protect the seeds from direct sunlight and erosion.
  7. Keep the grass seed moist until it germinates, which may require daily watering or more often if temps rise (be sure to avoid standing water or excess runoff).
  8. Germination time depends on the type of seed you use: Kentucky bluegrass 21 to 28 days; perennial ryegrass 10 to 14 days; and fescue just 7 to 10 days.
  9. When the new grass is 4 inches high, you can mow it (set your mower at 3-3.5 inches).
  10. Lastly, apply another round of starter fertilizer after the second mowing.