Blogs in May 2012

May temperatures have been higher than normal and we haven't received much rain.'re lawn may be suffering. We're seeing some lawns edge toward dormancy because of the unusually dry days we've experienced. A lawn that needs water will darken to a purplish hue. And when you step on your lawn...Continue Reading
Lawn color is a complicated discussion. First of all there are several types of grass; bluegrass, rye and fescue to name a few. Within each type of grass are literally thousands of varieties. So even though you and your neighbor have Kentucky bluegrass, you may have two different varieties which...Continue Reading
There is a very good chance for extensive grub damage this season due to all of the moisture so far this spring.  With the abundance of rain, grass roots don’t have to grow very deep or very dense. As a result, these sparse, shallow roots are easy pickings for the grubs. Further favoring the grubs...Continue Reading
No, mowing is not mowing. Far from it. While mowing is basic maintenance, it is a major contributor to overall lawn health and proper mowing technique can promote and foster a healthy lawn. So while it may be a simple and repetitious task, it can go a long way to a healthy lawn. Here's how. First,...Continue Reading