Grubs and your lawn.

There is a very good chance for extensive grub damage this season due to all of the moisture so far this spring.  With the abundance of rain, grass roots don’t have to grow very deep or very dense. As a result, these sparse, shallow roots are easy pickings for the grubs. Further favoring the grubs is the loose soil created by heavy rains. The combination of loose soil and shallow roots are a double-threat. Interestingly, all lawns have grubs but no noticeable damage will occur until there are 10 - 15 grubs per square foot.  This high concentration of grubs develops after Japanese beetles and Masked Chafer beetles emerge from the ground for a couple of weeks to feed, then return underground to lay their eggs. When these eggs hatch the larvae (grubs) starts feeding on the root systems of the grass.  The damage is easy to notice - you'll simply see a dead patch of grass. If this dead patch pulls away from the soil, like a carpet, then that is grub damage. Unfortunately there is no cure for grubs once you have them. The key is to prevent them with preventative grub treatments. Once you have grub damage, the only action is to replant the damaged areas. Give us a call and we'll schedule a grub treatment.