Blogs in February 2015

Expectations are a big deal at Lawn Pride. If we do a good job of establishing what to expect and we deliver on that, then everyone is happy. Unfortunately, many homeowners have unrealistic expectations based on bad information or assumptions. Here are few things every homeowner should know about...Continue Reading
Lawn treatments vary by provider. And the products used vary as greatly as well. Because Lawn Pride is owned and operated in central Indiana, we use products that are designed for central Indiana lawns. We will also vary products depending on the weather to deliver superior results. What does that...Continue Reading
DIY shows are quite popular on cable tv and DIY as a whole is growing in popularity. But when it comes to fertilizing and controlling weeds it's worth knowing what you're getting into to achieve the lawn of your dreams. Let's look at the two options and what they involve. DIY: If you're committed...Continue Reading