Lawn care expectations: what to expect.

Expectations are a big deal at Lawn Pride. If we do a good job of establishing what to expect and we deliver on that, then everyone is happy. Unfortunately, many homeowners have unrealistic expectations based on bad information or assumptions. Here are few things every homeowner should know about their lawn and what to expect about lawn care. 1. No lawn is free of weeds. It's impossible. Not even the most beautiful golf course that has a team of technicians caring for the turn on an hourly, daily and weekly basis is free from weeds. So how is it possible that a residential lawn to be free from weeds? It's not. So what can you expect? You can expect that our full program will dramatically reduce weeds in your lawn over the course of the entire treatment program. Slow and steady improvement is realistic. 2. Weeds don't die overnight. Weeds curl over the course of several days, most often 7-10 days. It also takes 3-4 weed treatments to see real results. Of course this assumes the lawn is in "decent" shape to begin with. For lawns that are all weeds, it will take one year of service just to begin to reduce the weeds. Real improvement arrives in years 2 and 3. 3. Mowing matters. Taller grass is healthier grass. It helps prevent weeds too. Tall grass shades the soil and prevents weed seeds from germinating. Mow from 3-4 inches. 4. Excessive edging creates weeds. If you edge your sidewalk or driveway excessively, cutting deep grooves into the soil to create a "sharp edge" along the asphalt or concrete, then you are creating the idea opportunity for weeds. Weeds need bare soil, exposed to the sun. 5. Lawn care takes time. Every turf expert agrees -- even our competitors -- lawns improve over time. If your lawn needs real help then expect improvement to take 2 years. Don't judge your lawn based on 8 weeks of service. It took years for your lawn to get to the condition its in, it will take years to improve it. That simple. We don't say all this to scare you. We want you to have the lawn of your dreams, but setting expectations is important in achieving your goal. Call us today to discuss your lawn's condition. We'll provide a recommendation to get it into shape.