What is included in a lawn treatment?

Lawn treatments vary by provider. And the products used vary as greatly as well. Because Lawn Pride is owned and operated in central Indiana, we use products that are designed for central Indiana lawns. We will also vary products depending on the weather to deliver superior results. What does that mean? It means you get the very best product on your lawn. Let's take a look at our 7 app program and see what's included in every application. APP 1 - Fertilizer plus pre-emergent weed control helps stimulate your lawn to wake it up, green it up and help control crabgrass and grassy weeds. APP 2 - A pre-emergent/broadleaf weed application to help control crabgrass & grassy weeds while fertilizer helps build color. Plus FREE surface insecticide. APP 3 - Fertilizer, broadleaf weed control and FREE surface insecticide — your lawn will approve. APP 4 - A slow-release balanced fertilizer and weed control spot treatment (weather dependent) keep your lawn healthy during the summer heat. APP 5 - Balanced fertilizer, broadleaf weed control (weather dependent) and insecticide protects and feeds as temperatures cool. APP 6 - Liquid broadleaf weed control, fertilizer and FREE surface insecticide maintain a healthy lawn as it prepares for winter. APP 7 - High-rate fertilizer plus (weather permitting) broadleaf weed control provide a food reserve for winter. The fertilizer we use is granular. It's a dry product. That is important because a granular fertilizes dissolves over time and provides food to your lawn for a greater period of time than liquid fertilizer. Some companies use liquid because it provides faster results. Your lawn will look greener in hours or days. That is appealing, but the liquid product does not provide longterm results. If you have a question about our products or services, don't hesitate to ask.