Weed of the week: White Clover

lawn pride Indianapolis lawn care and weed controlCommonly known as Honeysuckle clover, White Clover is a winter perennial broadleaf weed and common to central Indiana. This weed grows best in moist soils that are low in nitrogen levels, although it can adapt to grow in many different soils. White Clover forms shallow roots from its stolonsat nodes along the stems. The white clover features leaves that are dark green with 3 leaflets, veins running parallel and a white, crescent-shaped mark on each leaflet. Its flowers are white, round groupings of smaller individual flowers and some appear to have a pinkish cast. White clover can flower from mid-May on through the end of September and the flowers can attract bees in search of food. White Clover Weed Control  Our weed control products are effective at eliminating White Clover, but like all weeds, it will take a few days to start seeing results. We don't advise physical removal (i.e. weed pulling) because this may result in the seeds spreading to additional areas of your lawn and landscaping. Of course the best way to prevent weeds is to develop a healthy thick lawn! Lawn Pride is your weed control and fertilization expert for Indianapolis, Carmel, Greenwood, Plainfield and all communities in Central Indiana. Call us to help your lawn be its very best.