Indianapolis lawn care companies are not all alike.

lawn pride indianapolis lawn careComparing lawn care companies in Indianapolis is not an easy task. Indianapolis homeowners have a variety of choices. There are large, national lawn care companies and local companies. And each one offers a different assortment of services to try to earn your business. Most fertilization and weed control services include anywhere from 5-7 treatments as the "standard" service offering. Depending on the condition of your lawn and the quality of lawn you are seeking, generally 5-7 applications is adequate with fewer applications for "maintenance" situations and more applications for "improvement" goals. For example, let's say you just moved in to a new home and the previous owner didn't take great care of the lawn. You have weeds, bare spots and overall color issues. This lawn needs help. It needs more than 4 or 5 applications per year. This lawn needs 7 or more applications to solve all the problems. On the flip side, say you have been actively caring for your lawn and it is exactly the way you want it -- thick, free of weeds and nice color. Then 5 applications may do the trick. Particularly if you are attentive and mow and water as required. Lawn Pride promotes 7 applications as our preferred service. Why? Most homeowners don't spend a lot of time maintaining their lawns. And that's OK. But that means that most lawns are neglected to some degree. They're probably not mowed as they should be or watered as they should be and they could use some TLC. 7 treatments allows us to see your lawn more frequently. We can assess your needs throughout the season and make recommendations for watering, mowing and even additional services to better your lawn. 7 applications also provides more weed control product. Weed control is the most common reason homeowners seek lawn care, so more weed control applications makes sense. This level of treatment also allows us to guarantee our service. Spot treatments or fewer than 5 annual treatments don't allow us to guarantee the outcome. We simply don't see your lawn enough times to know if our services are working. Some, high-involvement customers can get away with fewer than 5 treatments, but they are very involved with the health of their lawn. They mow correctly and as needed. They water correctly and as needed and they fill in bare spots to avoid weed growth. This level of involvement requires a dedicated time commitment, which is something that most of our customers don't have time for. As with all things it's all about your goals, your time, and your budget. We can work within any of these parameters. Just call to learn more.