Blogs in June 2012

Triple-digit temps and weeks without rain are wreaking havoc on central Indiana lawns. Under normal temperatures, lawns do best with 1 inch of water a week. When temps skyrocket, more water is required. Be sure to lay down a healthy dose of water this weekend to keep those lawns alive. But it's...Continue Reading
As a locally owned and operated company we can adapt to current conditions. And that's exactly what we are doing. With virtually no rainfall as of this writing, June is proving to be a very dry month and lawns are suffering. As a result we're changing some of the products we use, and processes we...Continue Reading
Central Indiana lawns are drying out. We've only had .05 inches of rain since June 1. That's 14 days with virtually no rain. And May wasn't a blockbuster in terms of precipitation. What does that mean? Lawns that aren't irrigated are going dormant. When lawns dry out, they turn from green to brown...Continue Reading
You, our customer, are our secret ingredient in growing a thick, healthy lawn. Thick turf is the strongest defense against weeds – stronger than any herbicide.  But, we need your help since we’re only out on your lawn every 4-6 weeks! We rely on you to follow our watering guidelines and mowing...Continue Reading
Every 4-6 weeks, your lawn technician will be on your lawn to give it what it needs. You come home to a flag by the mailbox, but, what happens while they’re there? The average lawn size for a Lawn Pride customer is 7,500 square feet, and it typically takes a lawn tech one minute per every 1000...Continue Reading