What we do when we do what we do.

Every 4-6 weeks, your lawn technician will be on your lawn to give it what it needs. You come home to a flag by the mailbox, but, what happens while they’re there? The average lawn size for a Lawn Pride customer is 7,500 square feet, and it typically takes a lawn tech one minute per every 1000 square feet to treat. After arriving to your house, our techs will first knock on your door to let you know they’re about to begin and to explain the day’s application. Next, they’ll check the back yard for any reason they might not be able to access the full lawn. They’re looking for locked gates, pets in the yard, evidence of construction, or too much debris. Once they know they can treat the entire lawn, they walk the area to assess what types of products they should use and any problem areas. If it’s all clear, they’ll begin the application in the back of the lawn and move to the front. If the application is a granular fertilizer, they’ll use a push-behind spreader. If the temperature is above 55 and they’re applying a liquid fertilizer, they’ll use a long hose that’s attached to a tank on the truck parked in front. After covering the area to be fertilized, they’ll return to the truck and type up a detailed note about your lawn and the day’s application using a laptop that’s been newly installed in all the trucks in our fleet. They’ll then print out your invoice from their truck, leave it hanging on your front door, and leave a bright orange flag near the front of the driveway to let you know your lawn is freshly treated. The goal is your complete satisfaction. If you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to ask one of our technicians or give us a call.