Adapting to the conditions

As a locally owned and operated company we can adapt to current conditions. And that's exactly what we are doing. With virtually no rainfall as of this writing, June is proving to be a very dry month and lawns are suffering. As a result we're changing some of the products we use, and processes we follow, to help your lawn survive the dry conditions. First of all, due to the dry conditions, many lawns are under stress. They are entering dormancy and are susceptible to damage, both from treatments and disease. Therefore, we're being selective -- on a lawn by lawn basis -- with how we apply product. Some lawns will receive more or less product based on their current health at the time of our visit. If we apply too much product to a stressed lawn, we can harm it further. Likewise if we stop treating it all together it is prone to weed infestation. It's a balancing act we take very seriously and do with only your best interests in mind. Secondly we're switching to an organic product that is well-suited for dry conditions. When applied to your lawn it remains dormant until it is watered in -- either by a thorough soaking from a sprinkler or a heavy rain. Our typical product is most effective with normal rainfall, so finding an alternative that protects your lawn in dry months was very important to us. Even if your lawn is regularly watered this new product will provide great results. If you have any questions about these changes, as always, please feel free to give us a call.