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Winters in Indiana can be downright cruel. Freezing temperatures, sub-zero wind chills, and a steady stream of wind, ice, and snow, will keep you inside all winter. Although many types of trees and shrubs that grow in this part...Continue Reading
When it comes to fertilizing, it’s not just good for your grass and garden. Fertilizers provide critical nutrients that help trees and shrubs grow, making them stronger and more resilient. Applying...Continue Reading

Tackle a few key lawn care tasks now to ensure that your yard looks amazing when the summer arrives. Check out our list of late-spring “must-dos” for your lawn.

Summer Lawn Prep #1: Watering

A healthy lawn needs...Continue Reading

If you’ve brought home a live Christmas tree, you’ve been here before on December 26:

“When should I throw it out? Can I even throw it out?”

While live trees offer many benefits over fake ones, you can’t...Continue Reading

New Year’s resolutions are top of mind come January 1st each year. While you may have high aspirations in the health and fitness department, don’t forget to set goals for your home, too. We make it easy to set New Year’s resolutions for your lawn that you can actually stick with—and reap the...Continue Reading