Your Healthy Lawn Checklist

New Year’s resolutions are top of mind come January 1st each year. While you may have high aspirations in the health and fitness department, don’t forget to set goals for your home, too. We make it easy to set New Year’s resolutions for your lawn that you can actually stick with—and reap the benefits of quality time spent with family and friends in your healthy, pest-free backyard. This year, resolve to show your lawn some love by taking action on some of our lawn care tips below. 2017 New Year's Resolution: Healthy Lawn Checklist | Lawn Pride

This year, I resolve to: Conquer weeds.

The best way to eliminate weeds from your lawn is to block them out with lush, healthy turf. Delivering the nutrients your lawn needs when it needs them will help to establish full growth before weeds even have a chance. Our weed control treatments are specifically formulated for lawns, and we keep tabs on the weather patterns to know the ideal time to start annual treatments. Timely applications will also help to eliminate existing broadleaf weeds before they have a chance to steal precious nutrients from your lawn.

This year, I resolve to: Kick crabgrass to the curb.

Once crabgrass has a chance to establish, it’s a very difficult weed to control. It is best battled with pre-emergence herbicides that are applied before the seeds germinate in the spring. It thrives in thin lawns; especially ones that are typically mown too short or improperly irrigated. Expert timing is the name of the game when it comes to crabgrass control.

This year, I resolve to: Get greener.

Keeping lawn care safe for people and pets, as well as the environment, is a New Year’s resolution we can all adopt. Studies show that a well-maintained lawn can help to clean out the impurities that can be found in water. In addition, healthy turf grasses present a low hazard with low potential for fueling fires. It’s possible to have a beautiful lawn that is green in more ways than one!

This year, I resolve to: Fill in the bare spots.

A full, healthy lawn is your best defense against weeds and disease. Whether your lawn needs a little TLC with proper fertilization, or a more earnest effort like re-seeding, aeration, or grub control, we can help you figure out how to achieve the lush, full lawn you’ve always wanted.

This year, I resolve to: Host more cookouts.

After working hard to maintain your lawn, you should indeed get maximum enjoyment from it. This year, host that ultimate backyard bonfire or BBQ, and become the envy of the whole neighborhood with a greener, healthier lawn.

This year, I resolve to: Increase my curb appeal.

If you’re planning to sell your home, remember that a healthy lawn can increase your home’s perceived value. Getting on the right track can be as simple as a quick phone call to schedule treatments. This year, resolve to take pride in your lawn—and make it a resolution you can reach by partnering with us. Let’s make it a Lawn Pride team effort: We’ll take care of the lawn, and you take care of the pride. When you put the plan into action, it will be your yard’s best year yet!