Keeping Your Lawn Safe for Kids & Pets

At Lawn Pride, we believe that the only thing a parent should worry about when they send their kids out to play in the yard is how to get grass stains out of their jeans. That’s why we work hard to use products and practices that won’t threaten the health or safety of you, your family, and your furry companions. Keep Your Lawn Safe for Kids & Pets - Lawn Pride Products and Best Practices


Since most of the products we use contain ingredients that occur naturally in the earth’s soil, like nitrogen and potassium, there’s no need to worry about our fertilizers causing any harm. Worried about contaminating bodies of water near your home? Don’t be. We know that too much phosphorous can cause algae issues in pools, ponds, or lakes, so we are committed to being a phosphorous-free company.

Weed Control

As far as weed control goes, it is a herbicide so we ask that you keep all people and pets off of your lawn until it dries (approximately 30-45 minutes). Doing so allows the product to fully absorb into the plant so your family won’t bring it into your home on their clothing or shoes.


We do use a common insecticide 2-3 times every year to help reduce surface insect activity. Like herbicide, we ask that you keep all people and pets off of your lawn during that time so it can properly soak into the plant. Like you, we want your children and pets to play freely and safely in your backyard, so we make sure we choose our products responsibly and fully explain any necessary precautions you should be taking once your lawn care service is complete. Contact Lawn Pride today to learn more about our services, the treatments we use, or to request a free quote.