Summer Lawn Care Preparation

Tackle a few key lawn care tasks now to ensure that your yard looks amazing when the summer arrives. Check out our list of late-spring “must-dos” for your lawn.

Summer Lawn Prep #1: Watering

A healthy lawn needs 1-1.5 inches of water every week. By now, you should have treated your grass with fertilizer and pre-emergent weed control. You’ve likely pulled the lawn mower out of winter storage (see #2, below). Now, and through the rest of spring, summer, and even early fall, you want to get into a good watering routine. Our summer lawn watering guide can help you throughout the entire season! The key thing to remember for watering your lawn: Deep and infrequent. Ideally, you should water your lawn in the early morning or early evening twice a week. This will help eliminate water waste due to evaporation during the hottest part of the day. Keep a close eye on the weather forecast and adjust your schedule accordingly. Also, be aware of any mandatory watering ordinances or restrictions your community may have in place. You can even invest in a quality soil moisture sensor. If you’re not a fan of gadgets, reach for a six-inch screwdriver instead. If you can’t easily stick it into the ground up to the handle, your lawn needs more water. If your home has an irrigation system, ensure the components are working properly and the timer is set … and remember to turn this off when it’s raining outside! If brown or yellow grass patches remain after routine watering, let us know. You likely have another issue with your grass or soil, and Lawn Pride can help you with this.

Summer Lawn Prep #2: Mowing

You know that guy down the street who only has to mow his yard once a month, because he runs his mower on the shortest blade setting and gives his grass a buzz cut? Don’t be that guy! Proper mowing improves your lawn’s health and its overall look and curb appeal. Make sure your lawn equipment is well maintained and in good shape. Mower blades need sharpened about twice a season. Lawn Pride suggests mowing tall and often, especially for cool weather grasses and areas of lawn that receive a lot of shade. Be sure to follow our One-Third Rule for best results.

Summer Lawn Prep #3: Maintaining Vegetation

In addition to grass, your lawn likely has added vegetation, such as trees and shrubs, flowers and possibly a small garden for your favorite fruits, veggies, and herbs. Ahead of summer’s arrival, you should grab your gardening gloves and get to work in order to create an all-around beautiful yard. Prune shrubs and take care of dead or damaged branches (along with those limbs looming a bit too close to your roof). Divide and replant overgrown patches where possible. Carefully pluck weeds hiding in between the good stuff. Lay down healthy beds of mulch or pine straw, which help retain moisture. And, don’t forget to water those pots, hanging baskets, and window boxes. At Lawn Pride, we strive to protect not only your turf, but also your plants and trees! Learn more about our Tree and Shrub Program in order to keep your entire lawn and landscape healthy through the entire season.

Summer Lawn Prep #4: Preventing Pests

Last, but definitely not the least of your lawn care worries – let's talk pests. Lawn pests come in all shapes and sizes (and cause lasting damage or destruction to your yard!) What's a homeowner to do? While you won't be able to eliminate 100 percent of pests from your lawn, there are plenty of DIY and professional steps you can take to prevent most of them. For bugs, try our Perimeter Pest Program to take care of those creepy crawlers such as ants, spiders, earwigs, millipedes, and more. For grubs, try our specialized grub control to stop the damage before it happens. Just remember - not all bugs are bad! Ladybugs, bees, and earthworms are just a few of the beneficial creatures you want to keep around the house. For furrier critters, different strategies will work. You can catch animals such as moles, mice, and raccoons in traps. Our mole and vole control solutions will do the trick! Love birds more than squirrels? Remember to take the necessary precautions when setting up bird feeders around your property, or add in a speciality squirrel feeder or two as well. Indeed, a healthy, happy lawn takes quite a bit of work! Thankfully, we're always here to help. Whether you need an extra hand to tackle the tough stuff all year long, we are the local team you can count on from spring to summer, fall, and winter. Explore our website to learn more about our services and programs, or get in touch for a free, no-hassle estimate to improve the health and look of your lawn.