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Now is the time to find the best deals on lawn care. Lawn Pride is ramping up and getting ready for another great season and we're offering some great deals. Our best offer is $50 off 7 applications. For many homeowners, the $50 savings equals the cost of a single application, so it's like getting an app free! We're also offering another 7% off for those who prepay for the entire season. This can be stacked on the $50 discount or used separately for customers choosing less than 7 applications. Spread the word and save! If you refer Lawn Pride to a friend, neighbor or family member...and they become a customer - then you get a $50 credit! This is unlimited -- you get a $50 credit with every referral that becomes a customer. It's that easy. Want free lawn service? Send us several referrals. Contact us today to begin saving.