Recommendations to recover your lawn

It’s no surprise that Indianapolis-area lawns are suffering – a combination of heat and drought is really pushing grass to its limits. Some lawns barely recovered from last season when they were hammered, yet again with long, hot, dry days this year. One thing that you can do to help revitalize your lawn is to aerate this fall as temperatures cool. Aeration is the act of cutting nickel-sized holes in the soil. Aeration removes “plugs” of soil (which get scattered across your lawn), and the subsequent holes in the yard allow air, water and nutrients to get down to the roots easier. Additionally, aeration gives the soil room for expansion, allowing the grass roots to grow deeper – and deeper roots are healthier roots. Lawn Pride's Aeration service is best performed when grass is actively growing, so typically in the spring or fall. Do not worry about the dirt “plugs” caused by aeration, they will break down over a couple of weeks and disappear altogether. In the end, aeration will go a long way to helping your lawn look its best season after season.