Lawns are rebounding, but still need attention

With recent rain and milder temperatures lawns are beginning to bounce back. And with more rain the forecast for the weekend, many lawns should be back to their pre-drought form. That said, now is not the time to forget your lawn. As temperatures cool, lawns grow more and require proper mowing techniques. Here are a few tips. First, make sure your mower blade is still sharp. If you can’t sharpen the blade yourself, find someone who can. Most small communities have a lawnmower shop or hardware store that offers this inexpensive service. OK, so you have a sharp blade, now what? Mow your grass tall and frequently. What does that mean? Simple. Tall grass is healthier and helps choke out weeds. So adjust the height on your mower so that the cut length of your grass is 3-4 inches. Second, as grass grows quickly in the spring, you should mow frequently to avoid lopping off more than one third of the total leaf surface. So if the desired length is 3 inches, that means you should mow every time your grass reaches 4.5 inches. Also keep in mind that fall and early winter lawn treatments are critical to your lawn's health. They are the primary driver for the condition of your lawn the following spring. So if you have cut back or cancelled service due to the drought, you should consider continuing your service into the fall. Your lawn will thank you.