Gruesome Grubs: Stop the Damage Before It Starts

Have you seen Japanese beetles around the yard? They’re easy to spot with their shiny copper bodies and bright green heads. If you’ve found one or more of these little buggers, you can bet their larvae is in your yard, too. And those grubs can do quite a bit of damage. Check out DIY grub control tips from the pest pros at Lawn Pride. Stop the damage before it starts! Grub Control Treatment and Prevention

What to Look For

Japanese beetles and their larvae can be found throughout the state of Indiana. Just like their adult relatives, grubs are easy to identify. These soft white worms feature brown heads and legs, and their bodies tend to curl up into a tight “C” when bothered. Grubs like to live right under the surface of the soil (you can also find them in your gardens and raised beds). They feed on grass roots, turning patches of your yard brown throughout Indiana’s growing season.

What You Can Do

Since grubs live underground, there is no 100% way to tell if you’ll have a case of the grass-eaters this season. The best thing you can do is be proactive, use grub control treatment, and stop the grubs before they start. If you wait until the damage is already done, it will be too late and be quite costly to get it fixed. Preventing these critters with grub control treatment will also protect your lawn against other destructive surface-feeding insects.

When to Begin

Since grubs take about three years to fully mature, young grubs are more susceptible to pesticides. This means summer is the perfect time to treat, control, and kill them. Grubs prefer moist soil over dry dirt, so that summer lawn watering might also be benefitting the bugs.

How Lawn Pride Can Help

So, you found some grubs … now what? From deciding which pesticide is right, to figuring out the correct amount to apply, the process can be quite demanding. And what if you have kids or pets? Let Lawn Pride take the guesswork out of your Indiana home’s grub control. Our licensed and experienced technicians know lawns and the pests that infest them. With our treatments and services, we’ll stop grubs in their tracks and keep them from coming back. Take advantage of this effective service and contact Lawn Pride today!