Thank you for your business!

The entire staff here at Lawn Pride would like to thank all of our customers. This year provided a mild summer and lawns have never looked so good. We hope you feel the same about your lawn.  Here's a summary of what your lawn received this year. If you were a full program customer and received at least 5 applications, then your lawn received at least one round of pre-emergent herbicide to protect against crabgrass (or up to 2 applications). We followed that up with several rounds of slow-release fertilizer and broadleaf herbicide. Our customers who purchased 7 applications received 2 free applications of surface insecticide, helping to eliminate lawn-based insects. The products we use are formulated for central Indiana lawns and weather conditions. In fact, we often change up the products we use to adjust to weather conditions. For instance, this year we had a lot of rainfall and clover became an issue, so we adjusted our products to combat the clover popping up in our customer's lawns. Our service continues automatically year to year, so unless we hear otherwise, we plan on performing the same services next year. To help remind you, we will be sending out prepay letters in the next couple weeks. The prepay letter summarizes your services scheduled for 2015 and allows you to prepay and receive a 10% discount! So look for your prepay letter in the coming weeks and take advantage of this discount. If you'd like to make adjustments to your service, simply give us a call. If you don't want to prepay, but do want Lawn Pride to continue to service your don't have to do a thing! Thank your for your continued business. If you have any questions or feedback for us, please give us a call or use this email form.