One last time to feed your lawn.

It's the first week of November and lawns are still growing. The temps are just high enough to keep the grass from falling into dormancy. And because lawns are still growing, they are still hungry...and that means they need food. Our last application of our "regular programs" typically falls in November and this is typically the last meal your lawn requires, but because lawns are still thriving, one more feeding may help your lawn survive the winter. Grass spends this time searching for food to prepare for hibernation. Just like a bear spends this time to gorge on as much food as possible to get ready for a long winter, so does your lawn. But if your lawn runs out of food, it may enter winter a bit on the hungry side. And that means it wakes up even hungrier. A winter application, on top of a full season of applications, may help prepare those grass roots for foodless months that lie ahead. That means one last meal. We're recommending a final feeding for all our customers. This application includes a granular fertilizer so it will dissolve over time, dosing out nutrients as your lawn goes into dormancy. Your lawn will absorb the nutrients and push it deep into the ground to use as reserves as the temps continue to drop. If this winter is anywhere close to last winter, your lawn will thank you.