Indianapolis-area lawns prepare for winter.

It feels like winter has arrived in Indianapolis. Temps have dropped into the 30's and the grass has stopped growing. Sure signs that winter is here. So what does this mean to you? Well, first of all it means you get a much-deserved break from lawn duty...but not until this weekend. Take this weekend to take one last pass through the yard. Mulch any remaining leaves with your mower and give your grass a short cut (like 2-3 inches). Cut back any ornamental grasses or roses and cut off the wilting foliage of any dying perennials like hosta. Plants like these wither when the temps drop and the leaves turn brown and's best to simply cut back these plants.It's also a good time to winterize your home. Caulk windows and doors, making sure there are no exposed cracks. Large cracks should be filled with insulation or expanding foam and then painted to ensure a weather-tight seal. Single pane windows can benefit from a layer of clear plastic to seal out drafts and create a layer of air between you and the cold. Have your furnace inspected and make any necessary repairs before it gets too cold.  If you have any lawn care questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call.