Professional Lawn Aeration Service

Lawn aeration allows your lawn to thrive and make a lasting difference in the quality of your yard. Several circumstances can take a toll on your residential property, from changing seasons to neglecting your lawn's maintenance. Fortunately, the lawn care experts at Lawn Pride® provide professional lawn aeration throughout the United States to help you keep your property looking lush, healthy, and beautiful.

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What Is Lawn Aeration?

Lawn aeration is a process that removes many small plugs throughout your lawn, at about 20-40 per square foot. The plugs are two to three inches long and roughly a half-inch across, consisting of soil, grass roots, and thatch. The primary purpose of lawn aeration is to alleviate compacted soil. When the soil is compacted, it is more difficult for the roots to grow through it. The soil struggles to absorb and retain the water, oxygen, and nutrients your lawn depends on. In addition to loosening up the soil, aeration improves the flow of oxygen, water, and nutrients to the roots and soil microbes essential to your lawn’s health.

If you live in a region with a high amount of clay in the soil, soil compaction can be an issue with your residential lawn. Professional lawn aeration services can help eliminate problems related to soil compaction, allowing properties to thrive beautifully. The best time to aerate lawns is typically in the spring, fall, or both, depending on your lawn care maintenance needs. Lawn Pride can inspect your property and give you recommendations for a proper lawn aerating schedule.

Signs Your Lawn Needs Aeration

Don’t wait until your lawn is struggling before aerating your grass. Heavy clay soils should generally be aerated twice a year, with annual lawn aeration for sandy soil. You’ll notice the following signs when your lawn needs aeration:

  • Visible thatch build-up
  • Heavy clay soils
  • Puddle formation on your lawn
  • Thinning grass
  • Yellow or brown patches
  • Water runs off the grass rather than being absorbed
  • Grass grows slowly or poorly

If inserting the blade of a screwdriver into your lawn is difficult, it is a clear sign the lawn needs aeration.

What Are the Benefits of Lawn Aeration?

Some of the key benefits of professional lawn aeration services provided by the experts at Lawn Pride include:

  • Encourages healthier and stronger grass roots
  • Allows the soil and roots to access water and air
  • Helps break up compacted, dense soil
  • Improves fertilization
  • Prevents mushroom growth
  • Provides insect resistance
  • Improves drought resistance
  • Encourages new grass growth

What to Expect During Our Aeration Service

Before we aerate your lawn, please mark any hidden sprinkler heads or invisible fencing using stakes or flags. Mow the grass and water lightly about 24 hours beforehand. Then, our service professional will use a lawn aerator that digs deep into the grass, pulling up nickel-sized plugs of soil, root, thatch, and grass. These plugs will be left in place so the essential nutrients and microorganisms in each plug can return to the soil below.

Completing your aeration service is the best time to overseed your lawn, which helps fill bare spots and makes the grass fuller and more lush.

Why Choose Us?

Homeowners across the U.S. rely on us for their lawn care because we’re committed to delivering the highest quality services every time we visit your property. You know you’ll be pleased with our work because the Neighborly Done Right Promise™ backs everything we do.

Our professional lawn care services ensure your yard is kept healthy, looks beautiful, and becomes the envy of your neighborhood. We know every lawn is different, so we work closely with you to ensure our services are tailored to your needs, preferences, and budget.

We’re happy to answer questions about our lawn aerating service and how we work hard to maintain your lawn. In addition, we’re proud to offer lawn care maintenance programs to make it easy for property owners to benefit from our services at any of our locations.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lawn Aeration

How long will it take for my lawn to recover from aeration?

Aeration does not harm your lawn. Depending on the weather, the holes will fill in again within two to four weeks.

Do I need to water my lawn after lawn aeration service?

Please water your lawn immediately following your aeration service so the newly exposed soil does not dry out. Water deeply to a depth of about six inches. This deep watering also promotes healthy root development.

Can aeration prepare my lawn for optimal growth?

Aerating your lawn keeps the grass healthy and robust. It is not just fuller and more beautiful, but more resistant to disease and weeds. Aeration service promotes root health, reduces soil erosion, and improves your lawn’s water uptake and use of fertilizers.

How do aeration services help with nutrient absorption?

Oxygen, water, and other essential nutrients can easily reach the root zone, improving the health and vitality of the grass. Aeration services also help thatch build-up to decompose naturally, which returns nutrients to the soil.

Does location matter when it comes to aeration services?

It’s not location that matters but timing. The ideal time for lawn aeration service is when your grass is at its active growth peak so that it recovers quickly. Cool-season grasses planted throughout the northern half of the states, early spring or fall, are best for aerating the lawn. In southern gardens, growing warm-season grasses from late spring through early summer is best.