Lawn Pride controls weeds.

Effective broadleaf control depends on temperature, humidity, and stage of growth.


Herbicides aren’t effective until temperatures warm up a bit, like around April or May. Applying them any earlier is really just a waste of time. And waiting until things really heat up to apply herbicide can be just as wasteful. Once weeds are established and the daily temps are hot, most weed controls fail to keep weeds at bay. The solution? Lawn Pride attacks at just the right time with a pre-emergent herbicide that soaks into the soil and then applies a second and third herbicide mix through the season to catch any of the stragglers.

Treating weeds is not unlike a continuous chemistry experiment where weather, timing and overall growing conditions are all factors. We know the chemistry and when it will be the most effective. If you sign up for our complete lawn care program, you can be assured that you’ll receive season-long weed control.