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Professional Lawn Care in Athens, Florence & Muscle Shoals, AL

Lawn Care Programs & Services to Keep Your Yard Thriving

When you need a guaranteed way to ensure your lawn looks beautiful throughout the year, you can count on the experienced professionals at Lawn Pride of Athens, Florence and Muscle Shoals. With years of experience providing property owners with effective lawn care services throughout Northwest Alabama, our experts know what it takes to cultivate and maintain a green, healthy lawn. Our 7-Application Lawn Care Program includes everything homeowners need to produce a thriving lawn within one bundle of cost-efficient services. Reach out to our team today to learn more about our lawn care programs!

What Is Our 7 Application Lawn Care Program?

Our 7-Application Lawn Care Program delivers consistent applications of essential treatments to your lawn. Our experts are highly knowledgeable about the region’s weather patterns and can determine the perfect time to provide each lawn treatment application. Our 7-Application Lawn Care Program includes:

  • Fertilization – We use slow-release lawn fertilizers to deliver much-needed nutrients to your lawn’s root system. Fertilizing your lawn helps enhance its bright green color, maintain its density, and encourage healthy root growth. Fertilization services also help your yard recover from seasonal stress or turf damage.
  • Pre-Emergent – We'll apply two applications of pre-emergent herbicides to provide your lawn with a strong, long-lasting barrier to prevent weeds from growing. Using pre-emergent in late fall and early spring helps prevent the germination of these weeds. 
  • Weed Control – Our broadleaf lawn weed control treatment will eliminate most nuisance weeds within fourteen days, but some stubborn weeds may take multiple applications. Keeping your lawn thick and healthy is one of the best ways to prevent weeds from growing. 
  • Insect Control – We can provide services for grubs, army worms and fire ants. Which is an extra service outside of the normal fertilization and weed control.
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Why Choose Lawn Pride for Lawn Care Applications?

At Lawn Pride of Athens, Florence and Muscle Shoals, we’re committed to exceeding customers’ expectations on every job we complete. No matter what condition your lawn is in, we have the experience, expertise, and tools to cultivate and maintain a yard your neighbors will envy. Our 7-Application Lawn Care Program is a foolproof way to ensure your yard is kept healthy and looks beautiful all year. We know every property is unique, so we work closely with all our customers to ensure our lawn care services are customized to their needs, preferences, and budget. We also offer lawn care maintenance programs to make it easy for property owners to benefit from our professional services.

Request Your Lawn Care Program Estimate Today

When you need an easy way to keep your lawn looking its best year-round, you can count on the lawn care professionals at Lawn Pride of Athens, Florence and Muscle Shoals. For over 40 years, we've delivered the most effective, reliable lawn care services for home and business owners. We're highly knowledgeable about the soil, weeds, pests, and grasses in your yard in Northwest Alabama, including Colbert, Lauderdale and Limestone counties.

Our 7-Application Lawn Care Program delivers much-needed nutrients to your lawn by combining all our services into one convenient bundle, allowing it to thrive while you sit back and relax. Request an estimate from our team to get started on improving your lawn today with our 7-Application Lawn Care Program!