Cities We Serve

We provide lawn care services for all of North Raleigh. Here are all of the cities and towns in which we have provided service.


  • Raleigh



Rooted in North Raleigh, our services are tailored to fit the needs of lawns in the area. We understand that there is more to a healthy lawn than weed control. In addition, our experts know it’s essential to consider soil and climate when developing a healthy lawn care program.

With our 7-Application Lawn Care Program, we can improve the health of your lawn. Our applications are applied 3-6 weeks apart to provide consistent nutrients and weed control all season long.

Have you been battling weeds year after year? Did you know that weeds can only grow where they have room? A core aeration and overseeding will fill in thin and bare areas in the lawn, giving less room for weeds to grow.

You work hard to keep your home looking good, and we are here to help. We can work with you to bring your lawn to the next level with our expert advice and know-how. Check out our Turf Tips page for maintenance, seasonal, and educational tips to help you understand what healthy lawns need.

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